Supporting charitable causes

The Kier Foundation is an independently registered charity that supports both Kier’s charity partner and other charitable causes close to the hearts of our employees and the communities in which we operate. The Kier Foundation began operating in 2012, with the purpose of offering financial support to charitable bodies throughout the UK. Since its formation, the Kier Foundation has donated more than £1.5 m to charitable causes, thanks to the continued support of our employees.

At Kier, we facilitate employee engagement and involvement with charitable partners, providing support through the Kier Foundation. Part of this is our Payroll Giving, a scheme that allows employees make donations via a direct deduction from their gross pay.  

Charity partnership - End Youth Homelessness

Every two years we name a new Charity Partner and in 2020 we partnered with End Youth Homelessness.

End Youth Homelessness is a UK-wide movement of local charities that have joined forces to tackle youth homelessness together. It provides a national platform to raise awareness, share experience and generate voluntary income. 

Over the next two years, we aim to help homeless young people across the UK into homes and employment and provide them with dedicated support to ensure they don’t fall back into homelessness again. We want to achieve the following objectives:

Shaping Lives: We aim to raise £200,000 to fund an employment, education and training programme to give 121, tailored support to 160 homeless young people across the country

Shaping Homes: Supporting local youth homeless charities, through volunteering and renovating youth hostels and homes. The aim for each project will be a gift in kind donation of £10,000 

Shaping Careers: We aim provide opportunities for young homeless people through work experience and apprenticeships on local projects across the UK

Shaping Futures - Kier Group and End Youth Homelessness

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