Outsourcing to FM experts

For many organisations managing their property and estates while also trying to focus on core business is a headache they can do without. Not to mention the desire to have an expert solution that optimises the experience for occupiers as well as protecting and enhancing their property assets. That is why so many organisations across a wide range of sectors are now outsourcing facilities management services to industry-leaders such as Kier.

Nationwide reach and in-house teams

Kier has decades of experience in facilities management services and operates across the UK from Orkney to the Channel Islands and including Northern Ireland. We self-deliver through our own teams, rather than relying on complicated supply chain arrangements as we find this is the best way to maintain quality.


Full range of hard and soft FM services

Our mobile teams handle the full range of everyday mechanical and electrical engineering and fabric maintenance solutions, with the support of our 24/7/365 Customer Service Centre based in Hampshire and an industry-leading asset and scheduling solution. Site-based services teams, often transferred to Kier under contractual arrangements, provide a full range of soft services including cleaning, grounds maintenance, security and pest control.

Part of the full building lifecycle

When required, we have easy access to the wider expertise of Kier, especially when finding new ways of optimising properties. A dedicated projects division is available to support our facilities management clients with renovations, extensions and minor works, reducing the need to divert valuable resources from day-to-day operations.

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Louise Bloxham

Head of Communications and Marketing - Kier Specialist Services

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