In collaboration with pioneering technology firm Craley Group, Kier is proud to showcase a breakthrough in the water industry – the award-winning Fibre in Water Technology. This innovative solution addresses two key challenges water and telecom companies face and delivers a solution for each. With precise leak detection and the seamless delivery of fibre connections to properties, Fibre in Water aligns with our commitment to minimal disruption and sustainability.

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Challenge one:


Enhancing leak detection accuracy:

Conventional leak detection methods within water distribution networks have often proven time-intensive, costly, and disruptive to local communities. Kier and Craley embarked on a journey to alleviate these hurdles by providing a more efficient and precise leak detection system.



Drawing on our combined expertise, we developed and tested a state-of-the-art leak detection system with fibre optic technology inserted into water pipes. These fibre lines can be inserted with minimal disruption to the network and communities it serves. Once in place, laser pulses are transmitted through the fibre, and disruptions like leaks cause minute changes in light reflection, which are detected and relayed to a reporting dashboard. This technology enables the real-time and highly accurate detection of leaks without the need for disruptive excavation.



  • Swift leak detection: Our technology's exceptional sensitivity enables the immediate identification of leaks, ensuring timely action to mitigate water loss and further damage.
  • Economical approach: Pinpoint accuracy minimises maintenance costs as resources are focused on addressing identified issues.
  • Sustainability: The significant reduction in water wastage aligns with our sustainability objectives and our approach to responsible water management.
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Challenge two:


Non-Intrusive fibre connection deployment:

Traditional methods of laying fibre optic cables for high-speed internet delivery often involve extensive trenching, disrupting residents' gardens and business property frontages – a significant inconvenience and costly exercise. Kier and Craley were determined to find a more efficient and cost-effective solution.



Harnessing the same fibre technology employed for leak detection, we pioneered a new approach that capitalises on existing water pipes. By using water pipes as conduits for fibre optic cables, we eliminated the need for disruptive trenching and minimised the impact on local communities.



  • Minimal disruption: Residents experience no disruption to their front gardens or business to their frontages, which could impede trade.
  • Accelerated deployment: Using existing water pipes expedites the fibre connection process, promptly delivering high-speed connectivity to properties.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: The low-impact nature of our solution maintains the charm of local neighbourhoods.

Future outlook:

Kier and Craley's Award-Winning Fibre in Water Technology holds great potential for the water and telecommunications industries. This innovative solution demonstrates our commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering sustainability, and enhancing the well-being of communities.

In conclusion, our partnership showcases the power of innovation, sustainability, and working harmoniously with local community to address complex modern construction challenges. The Fibre in Water Technology epitomises our dedication to creating tangible benefits for industries, communities, and the environment.