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We are at the forefront of civil engineering, regularly delivering some of the most complex projects for private and public sector across a range of sectors including power, energy, defence, transport and utilities. Excellence in all aspects of construction is at the very heart of the Kier Group, and we meet the most demanding nuclear quality and efficiency standards over and over again. We have detailed just a snapshot of our nuclear experience in relation to our civil construction capability in the following projects.

Over 30 years experience

Kier are working with BAM in joint venture to deliver the Earthworks and Preliminary Works at the 320-acre site for the construction of Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. The scope of works involves:

  • Major bulk earthworks excavating approximately 5.6million m³ of overburden and rock over a two-year period
  • Construction of roads and networks, a helicopter pad and a security access track
  • Fill processing and placement
  • Site investigation works of known asbestos hot-spots
  • Construction of culverts at ditch crossing points
  • Diversion of existing public rights of way and replacements where appropriate
  • The project has 43 Project Stakeholders and a workforce of 700 at peak of construction
  • A new sea wall

NEMSFAC Main Works, Devonport

This 130 x 30m industrial building (new equipment maintenance and storage facility) included a basement varying from 6-12m deep and an 18m deep pit to accommodate specialist training equipment.

The project involved compliance to nuclear design and construction specifications to meet strict nuclear seismic requirements due to the proximity to adjacent nuclear sensitive operations within the dockyard.

Urenco Tails Manufacturing Facility, Capenhurst

Kier worked as the main contractor to deliver a facility for processing ‘tails’ a by-product of the uranium enrichment process.

The main works comprised of construction of 11 steel clad buildings with heavily reinforced concrete elements, some of which are seismically designed.

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