The Challenge:

Astrea Academy Sheffield’s secondary building accommodates children from Year 5 to sixth form, and with the primary block, will have a capacity of 1,200 children. This will ease the shortage of school places in the area.

The project was complex; located in a densely-populated residential area, the site was at the top of a hill on 35m gradient. This meant that logistics had to be carefully considered, as large vehicles and plant could not easily access the site, and had the potential to disturb local residents. Contractor parking in the area also created difficulties, as many residents parked on the street.

When the project began, a substation thought to be inactive was found to be live, with the supply lines running directly across site. This could have posed a problem to earthworks; to prevent this, the site teams began work at the opposite end of site to prevent long delays.

The Solution:

The residential area and steep slope meant that logistics had to be carefully considered; during deliveries, opposite ends of site had to be accessed by two different roads, as there was no way to move goods from one end of site to the other. Deliveries were organised to deliver to the site of site where the goods were needed, taking into account the times of deliveries to avoid disrupting Astrea Academy Sheffield’s primary block, once it became operational.

The site team worked closely with local residents to ensure that they were not affected by the works. For example, contractor parking in the area was making it difficult for some residents to park, so the site team created a small, residents-only car park to ensure that there would always be space for residents.

" Kier have achieved or over achieved all of their contractual obligations on this contract. Well done to Donna Howard (CSR Manager) and the Kier team for their phenomenal E&S achievements on this project "
Stephen Arundel Project Support and Development Sheffield City Council

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