The Challenge:

Dubai Municipality cancelled sewerage pumping station for the Dubai Harbour development and continue gravity sewer line for another 1,100m to connect to the existing sewer network as a variation.

The challenge was to construct 10m deep, 1000 mm dia sewer line along King Salman Road and tram track through already congested service corridor with 900 mm dia water main, 132 and 11 KV cables, 1200mm dia storm water line, telecom network, and irrigation network etc. The proposed line was also crossing entrances of three luxury hotels and the corridor was developed with lawn and palm trees.

The Solution:

In order to protect services and minimise disruption to hotels, the only solution was to install pipeline using micro tunnelling method in a challenging way.

Kier finalised the pipeline alignment through existing services. The geophysical investigation using seismic multi-channel analysis of surface waves was conducted to ensure the proposed drive is suitable to the ground and will not cause any settlement due to micro tunnelling operations. Also, Radiometric / RADAR scanning was done for detecting buried underground services. Both findings were confirmed by boreholes and trial trenches.

There was also a need to lower the ground water table for construction of 12m deep shafts. Three deep wells at each microtunnelling shaft location were installed. The pumped water was routinely tested to ensure that no excessive fines are drawn with ground water which would create cavities in the surrounding area causing settlement of adjacent road and structures.

In addition, settlement pads were installed at adjacent tram station and along tram track to monitor settlement is within permissible limits if any. Also, vibrations were monitored at adjacent structures and tram track during pile driving as well as during micro tunnelling drive using vibration monitoring device.

The Impact:

Safe and successful close out of the project. We achieved 3.9 million manhours without LTI which equates to 100% of the hours worked. 

Excellence in HSE for the Dubai Harbour project was awarded at the Big Project Middle East Awards 2019, which targeted the contracting and development segments of the construction industry. The winners were chosen on the basis of the work they did over the course of the year, and on the reputations they developed with construction industry. Having recently marked the impressive milestone of one million hours worked without suffering an LTI (Lost Time Injury), it is rewarding for the Dubai Harbour team to be recognised by with this award:

Dubai Harbour also won the Infrastructure Project of the Year Award at the Construction Week Awards 2020. The judges praised our team for delivering “a stuninng development” which overcame a number of construction challenges due to its location. In addition, the judges said Kier managed a huge number of stakeholders over this mixed-use development. The project will make a significant contribution to the local economy, driving growth in the tourism and hospitality industry and generating local employment. -

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