The Challenge:

Collaborative delivery of design and construction of new major underground circuits, connections projects and new construction or enhancement of substations. We also have a one-hour response for storm resilience and network emergencies. Challenges in realising this scope include:

  • Development of a new collaborative relationship with UK Power Networks and our Alliance partners.
  • Meeting the RIIO-ED1 productivity and value challenges, introducing innovations and new installation techniques to support those outcomes.
  • The safety challenge of working at higher voltages in more challenging environments for UK Power Networks than our previous framework.
  • Expansion of our design and construction skills base and workforce to meet the long-term needs of UK Power Networks long-term programme.

The Solution:

  • Collaboration: co-location of our management team, SHEA professionals and planning and design leaders at the UK Power Networks head office. Formal co-working streams, social events and informal day-to-day communication are helping to break down barriers and create a collaborative culture.
  • Productivity, value and innovation: embedded planners with a long-term work view can plan for efficiencies and take frequent gains into forward works planning, along with the ability to maximise utilisation of scarce resources. International innovation sourcing enables network firsts, e.g. longest HDD-drive on the network for a 132kV circuit.
  • Skills-base and workforce: local hiring programmes combined with graduate development programmes are creating the workforce of tomorrow. International hiring of grid and network specialists accelerate the growth of our knowledge base and delivery capability.

The Impact:

  • Journey to Collaboration and Value: in the early years of the Alliance, co-location and joint working groups have begun to establish a transformative collaborative culture with UK Power Networks within the Alliance.
  • Productivity: productivity gains and improved utilisation of scarce resources run through our project planning, building upon Alliance long-term view.
  • Skills Challenge: implementing long-term programmes to train individuals to replace an ageing specialist work-force; mentoring and growing our SME supply chain.
  • Delivering Safely: quarterly behaviours, based stand-down days and electronic near-miss reporting linked to analysis, learning and action systems. This means we deliver a growing HV workbank with a 0.0AFR.
  • Improved client confidence for complex programmes of work: the joint planning and design the ED1SON Alliance structure means high-risk and complex programmes proceed safely with confidence. For example the power enabling for the Barking Riverside development in London or highly environmentally sensitive Beaulieu Park 132kV project.
" Beaulieu Park is a great all round example of a well-delivered scheme, a fine effort by the team that fully deserves this recognition and demonstrates that the Alliance is in excellent shape to meet complex delivery challenges as the rest of RIIO ED1 unfolds. "
Nirmal Kotecha Director of Capital Programme & Procurement UK Power Networks

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