The Challenge:

A unique challenge of a new Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) product - This required experimenting with methods of working, particularly around the 8mm micro duct bundles used in this design in place of traditional 96mm duct. This was a whole new Virgin Media design.

In order to meet set targets, we resourced quickly and effectively, going from 0 to 100 people in a couple of months. Each nodal area had a required by date to be completed in, with approximately 1000 homes per month.

For a project of this scale, there were enhanced health and safety requirements. The project required additional health and safety documentation (specific Construction Phase Plans, Health and Safety plans, etc.) as opposed to a contract project plan.​

The Solution:

Success was achieved through the dedication, experience and ability of the team.

We worked with different plant and machinery to identify the most suitable. We also developed our own narrow trenching plant which helped with the 8mm micro duct bundles. Narrow cutting equipment and plant adaptation also helped to overcome the challenges associated with the new FTTP product.

Local resources were employed (both sub-contractors and direct labour), supported by overseas resources. All resources had the relevant basic skills, which were developed through on the job, training to use the new plant. Resource has been steadily built to around 100 operatives and support staff.

Dedicated Health and Safety personnel delivered all H&S documentation requirements and ensured work was carried out to the highest standards with no major health and safety incidents.​

The Impact:

  • Delivered high speed broadband to 12,000 homes in the Fife region.
  • Identified unnecessary dig designs which we highlighted and changed along the way, resulting in a £1.1m saving on the original civils budget.
  • Maintained positive relationships with clients throughout the works with minimal complaints despite digging past every house in every road.
  • Identified a solution to take a cable only connection from an existing area to release 400 homes in another area without an additional civils build. This resulted in cost savings of approximately £180,000 (cost £20k instead of approx. £200k).
" Our success on phase 1 helped us to secure phase 2 (12,000 additional homes) and the longevity/security for the resource that were the key to the success of phase 1. Our success has also secured further similar projects throughout the country for Virgin Media. "

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