The Challenge:

The GOSH Neurology and Neurosurgery teams treat more children with brain tumours and perform more surgeries for patients with epilepsy than any other hospital in the country.

The team noted that they urgently needed a new iMRI facility as their surgeons were relying on pre-operative scans of the brain taken to guide them through the operation, but these can quickly lose their accuracy. In addition, some tumours are undetectable to the naked eye.

In a major step forward, the team decided to integrate an MRI scanner into a new operating theatre to create the Khoo Teck Puat iMRI Suite. This new facility would make imaging of the brain during operations a seamless procedure, giving more critically ill children the best chance of a positive result.

The new MRI Scanner would have to be lifted into a courtyard with a very tight footprint in the centre of a live hospital site.

The Solution:

This new iMRI facility is only the second in the country and a first for Great Ormond Street Hospital. With this in mind our team held regular workshops to discuss various aspects and complexities of the installation.

The 7.1 tonne MRI scanner was lifted in over two fire escape staircases, at a height of approximately 90ft, using a self- erecting tower crane. It was then lowered onto a landing platform that was located at first floor level of the new building to allow the scanner to be manoeuvred into final position.

Chilled water and power were required for the scanner to be connected. The side of the building needed to have a section of the façade left open to receive the scanner and the services needed to be ready, with the main switch in place and live, as well as the chilled water pumps and pipework connected to the hospital existing services.

The scanner room is also a technical room which required media converter boxes and fibre cables to be fitted either side of the copper RF cage. A BIM model was developed to provide the services routes required and avoid any clashes.

The Impact:

This new Khoo Teck Puat iMRI Suite benefits hundreds of children at GOSH and include a new integrated operating theatre which embraces the latest in theatre technology, including brain mapping and navigation software to guide a surgeon throughout the procedure. It also includes a built-in shuttle system to safely transport patients seamlessly from the theatre to the MRI scanner without the child leaving the operating table.

The state-of-the-art 3T MRI scanner offers high-definition images of the brain, giving surgeons the optimum information for their decision-making. There are two anaesthetic rooms, one with direct access to the theatre and the other connecting to the MRI scanning room. There is also a control room area which allows radiographers, radiologists and surgeons to interpret real-time imaging during an operation and agree how best to proceed with the patient’s surgery.

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