The Challenge:

The hotel would host 201 bedrooms, along with amenities for back of house staff and storage space, meeting rooms, communal space for relaxation and socialising, a fitness suite, roof plant, kitchen and servery.

The challenge was to manage and oversee the construction of 102 residential units pre-fabricated off site. With the majority of the manufacturing happening off-site, it was important to co-ordinate the on-site and off-site teams ensuring communication channels were open at all times.

Each ‘residential module’ was constructed out of a re-purposed ‘shipping container’, that was cleaned, wired and plumbed to British standards, decorated and dressed before being delivered to site. Once on site, it was just a case of ‘slotting all the pre-dressed units’ into position and connecting all the utilities.

The Solution:

This project was truly unique with the use of fully fitted out bedroom modules made within a steel shell. The on-site module installation took three weeks to complete and it is estimated that the use of these pre-fabricated modules gave an efficiency of approximately six months compared to a traditional build programme. The use of these modules enabled us to achieve best practice throughout the scheme, reducing weather and safety risk and waste.

The scheme was completed using a much reduced on-site workforce due to off-site manufacture. This allowed high-levels of safety to be maintained with a more manageable sized workforce. We implemented a series of initiatives and site enhancements that allowed the workforce to feel safe and genuinely appreciated and valued.

The Impact:

The hotel was constructed over a 49 week period during 2016. The project brought together the best elements of the industry, demonstrating:

• Fast and efficient construction.
• Innovation.
• The highest safety standards in a challenging airport environment.
• Construction and design to a very high quality.
• Highly efficient design.

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