The Challenge:

This high profile project kick-started the Royal Borough of Kingston's Go Cycle project. It was therefore of critical political importance for the Borough. With Portsmouth Road set to expand by 2050 it was key that it achieved its sustainable travel aims.

The Solution:

Construction scheduling was necessary as local residents and businesses had to be aware of the impact of the construction. Kier implemented a plan with bespoke measures for affected stakeholders. We adapted construction schedules around business hours, adopting a customer-centric approach.

We complemented the surrounding area by designing elements such as additional woodland and riverbank planting. We also added a sustainable Urban Drainage system integrated into the planting beds. This minimised future resource requirements. Handrails, access ramps and increased zebra crossings offered a convenient and safe connection to the wider area. We also utilised shared-use bus stops to link with local transport and maximise space.

The Impact:

Portsmouth Road is now a healthy street, with two-way segregated cycle tracks and cycle parking. 29 benches and an improved café setting allow enjoyment of the environment, whilst a play area engages families.

Opening in April 2017, a 20% increase in cycling was achieved immediately. The scheme has performed strongly against the ten evidence-based Healthy Streets indicators. A study carried out by Transport for London in 2017 showed significant improvements:

  • 53% more people aged 16-44 use the street.
  • A 192% increase in commuter use.
  • Average spend on the street increased by 300%.
" Portsmouth Road was a landmark scheme forming part of our £30m Go Cycle programme to transform the borough’s public spaces with 10 linked cycle routes. Feedback from users of the cycle lane has been positive. "
Owen Bentley Go Cycle Project Manager Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames Council

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