The Challenge:

The project was located on a challenging site in the centre of Horsham and required careful management with the local community as it was bordered on three sides by existing buildings.

The replacement of the outdated pre-cast concrete car park built in the 1970’s was desperately needed to meet the needs of the town and support footfall to the rejuvenated historic shopping quarter of Piries Place in Horsham.

The project objective was to carry out design and build of a four-storey car park as well as demolishing the existing multi-storey concrete frame car park.

Horsham Town Centre wanted to establish a building that would enhance the area within the location and be able to facilitate the needs of the town.

The Solution:

During the works it was essential to minimize disruption for everyone and so Kier maintained access to all the local retail shops and residential apartments, sharing an access road with the developer building the hotel and cinema and refurbishing the retail outlets within Piries Place. This was a logistical and planning challenge to facilitate some very intrusive works around the site perimeter and interface with adjoining structures.

Surrounded by residents, Kier met with Horsham Town Council’s requirements to minimize the impact of the project on the local community during its construction.  This meant adopting a demolition process that reduced the level of vibrations, noise and dust.  Kier set up a monitoring station for the measurement of dust and noise on strategic hoarding locations and placed vibration monitoring kit in the closest adjoining building during the demolition to ensure we had little or no impact on the comfort of those around us.

The Impact:

Horsham’s multi-million-pound Piries Place redevelopment, now benefits from a much-needed modern spacious multi-level car park

The regeneration of Piries Place has created a vibrant, high-quality shopping and leisure quarter, enhancing the existing town centre with the development of a new three screen Everyman cinema, a 92-bed Premier Inn hotel and a range of new restaurant and retail outlets.

Delivered by Kier through the Scape National Minor Works framework, the new car park, which is complete with a 14.5m living wall to increase biodiversity in the area, provides 189 additional spaces.

The new five-level multi-storey car park is larger than the previous car park and has 516 spaces, 189 more than previously, which have both wider and deeper bays than before. There are 12 disability bays, 11 parent and child bays and 8 electric vehicle charging bays. New toilets and a full Changing Places facility are also new features.

The 14.5 metre high “living wall” is the car park’s most iconic feature. The design is based upon the form of a tree and reflects the tree designs in the metal screens along the sides of the car park.

The plants living on the wall increase biodiversity in the area, acting as a place for insects and wildlife to live. It also provides several environmental benefits including the absorption and capture of air pollution, particulate matter and carbon dioxide.

Our work on Piries Place carpark won a Green Apples gold award for the efforts made to reduce the impact of the project on the environment, reducing the import of materials by recycling the demolition arisings into 6F2 to for the piling mat.

" We fully expect that the opening of the car park will give a real boost for local businesses, particularly those in the Piries Place and East Street areas. We are also committed to making Horsham a clean, green, sustainable and successful town. The living wall is an exciting way to make our public spaces more attractive whilst at the same time having a beneficial effect on the environment. Investing in greening projects like this will play an important part in safeguarding our local environment for future generations. "
Paul Clarke Councillor Horsham County Council

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