The Challenge:

Kier took on the challenge of working on two separate projects simultaneously, on a live site which required contractors to cross the runway bisecting RAF Valley.

The Rotary and Fixed Wing buildings required state-of-the-art specialist facilities and equipment, along with spaces suitable for briefings and operation and mission control. The buildings also had to withstand the corrosive effects of seaspray and salt. There were several stakeholders in the projects, including the MoD, Ascent, and Lockheed Martin, and Kier worked collaboratively to develop the design and where necessary, make changes to better suit the client. The team also developed their understanding of how the buildings needed to flow, and how this should be represented in the design.

The Solution:

Collaboration was key to the success of the project. The contracts manager and project manager remained the same for both projects, which simplified the structure of the team while retaining all necessary knowledge and points of contact.

Close working took place with the client, Babcock, as well as stakeholders the MoD, Lockheed Martin, and Ascent, with the Kier team regularly visiting the site alongside Babcock to understand the needs of the pilots and the necessity of effective circulation for pilots throughout the building. The Kier team proposed some innovations and changes to the designs which were approved by Babcock – for example, moving the Rotary Wing building 10 metres closer to the runway to avoid moving a BT box which would have created additional costs and difficulties in relocating services, saving 10 weeks on the programme and saving the client up to £100,000.

The Impact:

The RAF now has two state-of-the-art buildings for Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing aircraft, for use in both training pilots and operations. Both buildings also achieved DREAM (Defence Related Environmental Assessment Method) status of Very Good and Excellent, ensuring that the buildings are energy-efficient, that all high-usage equipment is sub-metered, all lighting is zoned, and all timber was sustainably sourced. Approximately 80% of waste was recycled.

" A strong team with a good understanding of the client’s requirements, resulting in a successful project. "
Babcock International Group

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