The Challenge:

To undertake the temporary diversion of a sewage rising main to enable the rail bridge over which it crosses to be demolished and replaced. The location of the main was not known and there were masses of services crossing the bridge and the sewage main was just one of many services that needed to be diverted all within a short timescale.

The Solution:

The work involved working with third parties, surveying to trace the rising main and selection of best method of replacement, including the possible option to bring an old pipebridge back into service. The construction work required laying a new main over a temporary scaffold bridge and connection to the old main under an impact plan that required temporary tankering at three pump stations.

The Impact:

The sewage main had to be isolated and partially drained to allow the connection to take place. Flows arriving at three terminal pump stations had to be tankered during the work with effluent taken to South Killingholme WRC. This required the shuttling of tankers around the three sites; initially three tankers were used but this was found to be insufficient and a fourth tanker was required . Connection of the new diversion to the existing main had to be complete within one working shift; there was no scope, other than continued tankering, for delay.

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