The Challenge:

In 2008 the Healthcare Commission carried out an investigation at County Hospital (formally known as Stafford Hospital) following reported high levels of patient mortality and poor standards of care. 3 further reviews and 2 public enquiries were completed all containing criticism of the care provided at County Hospital.

The reviews concluded that fundamental change in attitudes to patient safety, experience and care outcomes were required, in addition to this UHNS needed to create additional or reconfigured capacity as a matter of urgency. This lead to a capital programme (IHSS) for the County Hospital in Stafford to enable the implementation of the new model of care and the provision of a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Clinical areas were reviewed and works prioritised on the basis of the high priority clinical and estates needs in relation to the delivery of the NHS (TSA) Clinical Model by the end of March 2017.

The Solution:

The team including staff and patient groups did not simply deliver building projects but were changing the attitudes, patient experience and outcomes for the local community. This was achieved within a safe and compliant environment with statutory and regulatory requirements, within restricted existing building conditions and under severe cost pressures.

By developing inter-professional collaboration and an integrated approach the Capital programme team enabled County Hospital to provide un-interrupted services through-out the life of the project. Their one vision approach provided an atmosphere of trust allowing relationships and partnerships to develop quickly. The combined knowledge and collaborative approach enabled Kier to establish clear lines of responsibility, accountability, enabling easy coordination, communication, cooperation across all of the stakeholders. This approach enabled Kier, the Estates team and integrated supply chain to deliver a series of multiple projects within demanding environments with great success.

The Impact:

Working with our supply chain partners, we delivered more than a series of building projects; collectively we were the custodians of true sustainable healthcare services, delivering small step changes within individual schemes, to support the Trust in their successful three year turnaround of County Hospital, Stafford.

This completed programme of works, have delivered real benefits to patients, their families and to the staff. The capital and operational efficiency savings have been measured through individual Post Occupancy Evaluations for each scheme. All of which involved extensive staff and patient surveys, to capture feedback and measure the efficiency benefits achieved.

The Estates team working in partnership with their PSCP, we, delivered the built environment to support the Hospital’s turnaround, securing clinical sustainability of services in Stafford for the immediate and long term future.

This is a model of best practice for similar Programmes across the NHS.​

" Even at design stage we got tangible savings... the time clinical staff had to spend signing off designs was cut massively. "
Ian Swann Senior Project Manager University Hospital North Midlands NHS Trust

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