The Challenge:

Scottish Water’s customers consider waste water an invisible service and wish to keep it that way. Any flooding or blockages result in customer dissatisfaction. Scottish Water require us to provide exemplary service to their customers. Their CES score is currently 78%.

Scottish Water’s high-level objectives are;

  • Maintaining service to customers during extreme weather events
  • Overall Performance Assessment (OPA)
  • Customer Experience Measure (CEM)
  • Community engagement
  • Reducing flooding and pollution from sewers

and include customer satisfaction, health & safety, flooding, environmental pollution and quality of water. Everything we do is measured against the key performance criteria which are aligned to these requirements.

The Solution:

Our teams, trained in the Kier and Scottish Water customer care standards, are the first line of face-to-face contact with customers during the initial survey to pick up any concerns regarding access, roads or parking closures. Through this we’re aware of all issues of concern and plan delivery to mitigate these through things like letter drops to inform all affected households.

The gang carrying out the work have regular contact with householders, face-to-face, to keep them informed and to resolve any problems or concerns. They speak to customers at the end of jobs to ensure that they are content with the service provided, nothing is left to be done, we have cleared the site and reinstated their property to their satisfaction. This ensures they are happy with our work at the time it is carried out, and importantly reduces unwanted calls to Scottish Water to raise concerns or complaints.

The Impact:

Once the team has left site and left customers happy, then Scottish Water’s Rant & Rave survey is put into action to track in real-time our performance. This measures customers satisfaction with prompt follow up text messages and telephone conversations reflecting Ofwat’s quarterly SIM survey and CES metrics in particular the avoidance of unwanted calls or complaints and any praise received too.

Survey data is used to develop action plans where problems have occurred to improve best practice, capture lessons learned, make changes to procedures, and communication.

We carry out 15,000 jobs each year mostly involving traffic notices. Our focus is on ensuring that works involve the shortest possible occupation of the carriageway, and that customers’ private access is not impeded.

We measure our performance and use that data to drive continuous improvement of our processes of delivery, of culture, of customer care and of relationships with Scottish Water.

We have achieved a 100% score against the Scottish Water customer experience measure (CEM) six times since April 2019.

Scottish Water implemented CEM to support high-performance delivery and improve customer experience. In collaboration with Scottish Water, we’ve worked to drive face-to-face contact, resolve concerns efficiently and improve our end of job communication processes, ensuring high-quality service.

" It's a great testament to the joined up working between Kier and Scottish Water, and that of our operatives dealing directly with customers that we continue to receive positive feedback and great CEM Scores." "
Andrew Dickov Framework Manager
" We are proud to be delivering 100% to our customers through Scottish Waters CEM. We are committed to supporting them to achieve their goals, particularly in relation to delivering excellent customer experience and inspiring customers and their communities.” "
Maxine Wigley Customer Experience Manager

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