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Kier in the East Midlands

With our unrivalled geographical reach through our network of regional offices, we are able to provide clients in the East Midlands with good local knowledge as well as access to the full range of capabilities from a business with global reputation and reach.

As we continue to expand within the region, so does our corporate responsibility footprint. As a responsible business, we believe that we should contribute by keeping the world around us working, operating safely, collaborating to solve problems and share knowledge and find solutions.

Kier is helping the East Midlands to maximise opportunities for economic growth by helping to create local jobs for local people. This includes helping to improve the roads linking communities within the region and providing key transport links between different parts of the UK.

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Daniel Browne

Land Director

Kier Living - Eastern

Photograph of Kier Living - Eastern

Sharon Mitchell

Senior Business Manager

Kier Property

Photograph of Kier Property

Andrew Glenn

Regional Business Development Manager

Kier Regional Building - Midlands

Photograph of Kier Regional Building - Midlands

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