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Depth of experience

At Kier we have a long history and depth of experience in this area, from flood protection and sea wall work to the delivery of major infrastructure projects and work with power stations including water course diversion work at Hinkley Point. We also have a well-established and trusted supply chain specifically for these projects.

Large infrastructure projects

We work with port operators, including the major ports of Southampton, Felixstowe and Folkestone and also on many framework projects for the Canal & River Trust and the Environment Agency. Key to everything we do on projects, whether sea wall defence or major infrastructure, is ensuring clients get the best in terms of design, cost, efficiencies, buildability and environmental and health & safety issues. To achieve this innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

We are involved in the Mersey Gateway Project, one of the largest infrastructure initiatives in the UK and part of the Northern Powerhouse. Working closely with our partners we have introduced many innovations to the project that have brought positive impacts. Our expertise in cofferdams enabled us install the foundations for the pylons in the riverbed.

Engineering improvements to the design resulted in reduced costs, efficiencies and improved buildability, a communications system has dramatically reduced the number of complaints and the use of hydraulically driven formwork systems has sped up the casting of concrete.

Environmental innovation

Flood and seawall protection is a sector only set to grow. Nearly every UK city is on a river and even the Thames Barrier is at its limits of protection. We recently undertook improvement works to St Mary’s Harbour on the Isles of Scilly, located within national and international environmental and ecological protection areas.

The discovery of contamination on site required us to divert from our original plan. Working closely with the Marine Management Organisation, Cornwall Council, the Environment Agency and our supply chain, our team investigated lower carbon solutions, developing a method for in-situ solidification of the marine sediments by mixing them with a blend of high-strength cement as binder.

We believe this is the first time this methodology has been employed within the UK within a tidal zone. The initiative resulted in a 42% reduction in carbon and £1.8m (82%) cost saving compared to other methods.It’s a challenging time for the sector, but it’s a storm we’re ready to weather.

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